What To Expect From P90X2 Results?

Apart from real noticable physical results you will also soon realise that mentally you have improved your attitude towards being the best you possibly can be; sadly this is something many people just do not realize, anybody can improve to levels they never thought possible.

The P90X2 is based on very different training sessions and will take you through 3 workout phases over 90 days:

  • 1st Phase works on building core stability and a solid base with the ground which is essential to get the best fitness results.
  • 2nd Phase works on building strength with explosive movements using coordination and mind drills. Unstable platforms are introduced to improve balance.
  • 3rd Phase concentrates on performance and is hard core stuff. Many of the fittest athletes in the world use these workouts.

These 3 phases will give you improved core strength, balance and athleticism as well as improved mental agility.

I need to point out that the P90X2 is not for everybody.

If you have doubts about whether the P90X2 is right for you then I recommend you first look at the P90X.

The options to upgrade from the P90X to the P90X2 are open to you when you are more confident about getting the body you want.

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P90X2 Review – What Is Included?

The P90X2 Base Program – What It Includes:

The P90X2 starts with the Base program, which is based on the original P90X Muscle Confusion technique. The P90X2 ups the pressure with further training techniques developed by many of the world leading sports trainers for their athletes.
13 DVDs featuring 12 of the latest workouts for building agility, core strength Also included is “How to Bring It Again.”

  • P90X2 Fitness Guide
  • P90X2 Nutrition Guide
  • P90X2 Workout Calendar

P90X2 DeLuxe – What It Includes:

The DeLuxe includes everything in P90X2 Base kit plus:

  • 2 more extreme P90X2 workouts (14 DVDs)
  • 1 Foam Roller
  • 1 55cm Premium Stability Ball
  • 2 x 8-lb. Medicine Balls

Please note:  Medicine balls are made of latex so this is worth remembering if you have a latex allergy.

P90X2 Ultimate – what it includes:

  • Includes everything in the Base kit
  • 2 additional workouts (15 DVDs)
  • 1 RumbleRoller
  • 1 55cm Premium Stability Ball
  • Tony Horton’s PowerStands

Making a decision which kit you go for can be down to how far do you want to go.  Do you have any of the kit already?  For example, do you have a stability ball already, as this can be a tool many workout enthusiasts already have.

One fact I must stress, getting the P90X2 is a mega commitment and only for serious guys and girls who want the best results.

The P90X2 would not scare many people but it is not for everybody. If you have worries about whether or not it is right for you then look at the original and popular P90X

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P90X2 Reviews – Does It Work?

This Is No Ordinary Sequel

P90X2 reviews will give you the results of 2 years of research from some of the most qualified fitness experts in the health industry. These fitness experts claim that the P90X2 is an outrageously effective exercise program giving both performance and visible results.

In these P90X2 reviews I explain that the P90X2 is not a single exercise system and might not be for everybody.

The Next Step

The P90X2 is the next step up from the proven, impressive earlier P90X program.

The earlier P90X is based on Muscle Confusion which is has been designed to give fast, achievable results through normal 30-day training plateaus over a 90 day period.
The P90X2 training program has been developed by professional sports trainers for world class results: P.A.P., or Post-Activation Potentiation.

No need to remember this blurb, just know that the P90X2 incorporates the latest fitness techniques which have been upped a notch and focus on chiseling the body whilst building core strength, agility, athleticism and balance.
A new flexible Nutrition Guide is included in the P90X2 and is designed to help achieve the fitness and performance goals.

As I have said, the P90X2 is a step up from the P90X program and separates the men from the boys. Concentrating on achieving a powerful athletic function, building abs/core strength and impressive agility I do think the P90X2 is not for everybody.

If you don’t want to “live and breath” your workouts then I suggest you choose the earlier, but equally effective, P90X program.

So, to answer my question does the P90X2 work?  Yea, I reckon it certainly does work.  The sort of people who will find it helpful are those who want to be pushed even further.

What P90X2 Customers Are Saying:

Ghanastray from Camarillo

Value: 5 out of 5
Great Results: 5 out of 5

“X2 was a definite upgrade from P90X. The upside is that it really targets your core during the first phase and creates more lean muscle in a short period of time. Thanks to X2 I have a whole new appreciation for stability balls and rumble rollers. The downside is I felt the overall program was a little light on legs compared to P90X.

Would I recommend X2? Without hesitation.
Additional Programs: P90X

Pros: Very effective, Met my expectations, workouts are just the right amount of time.
Cons: Could focus more on the legs.”

Learn more about the P90X2 or try it for yourself


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10 Minute Trainer Reviews – Does it Work?

A Quick Workout

10 Minute Trainer reviews talk about it being the fastest and most effective workout you can do. 10 minutes can be squeezed in on any day of the week by anybody. Sceptics have asked whether or not 10 minutes is enough time to really get an effective workout. The company who makes the workout claims that it is indeed an effective workout that combines the right moves with the right intensity. continue reading…

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10 Minute Trainer Review – What is Included?

Getting the most for your money is an important part of any buying process. We all want to get optimal value out of our money, so when we see products like 10 Minute Trainer, we want to make sure we get a pretty solid package of workout stuff. Below you will find a 10 Minute Trainer review of what is included.
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What to Expect From 10 Minute Trainer Results

The most important part of any exercise program is really the results. This is the number one reason why people purchase a program like this to begin with. So what can you expect when it comes to 10 Minute Trainer results? Will it make you thinner and stronger? Will it make you lose weight? Will your muscles get bigger? Continue reading to find out what sort of results you should expect, and how quickly you can expect to see them.
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